• World Cafe Live (map)
  • 3025 Walnut St
  • Philadelphia, PA

Slowey and the Boats will provide the Aloha, and Johnny Goodtimes will supply the trivia, at the longest running trivia event of it’s kind in America. It’s the 15th edition of Quizzo Bowl, and the fifth straight one at the World Cafe Live. 

The event is open to the public, and teams will be competing in teams of up to eight players for $1200 worth of prizes. Taking home the title won’t be easy, however. Among the teams expected to compete are five time winners Sofa Kingdom, as well as the defending champs the Cracked Eggheads. There will be an extra $100 bonus prize to any team that can win their first title this year, knocking off all previous champions.

There will be tons of prize giveaways, great live music, Philly comedians, and plenty of surprises. 

Tickets are on sale online now, and Goodtimes will also have them for sale at his weekly quizzes. You can find more information about Quizzo Bowl XI here.